Including consumer fraud, fraudulent trading, benefit fraud and civil and criminal aspects of mortgage, investment and tax fraud, asset recovery and confiscation.

Notable cases include:

  • Choi v Park & Park [2019] EWHC 3191 (QB): civil fraud and conspiracy claim arising out of a commercial property deal.
  • A v B Ltd (High Court, Ch Div, 2015): defence of company in a fraudulent misrepresentation trial concerning land in the Cayman islands; settled after 8 days of trial.
  • Swift Advances plc v Ahmed [2015] EWHC 3265 (Ch): High Court set aside two trust deeds as transactions defrauding the creditor and intended to defeat mortgagee’s claim for possession.
  • Swift 1st Ltd v the Chief Land Registrar [2015] EWCA Civ 330: successfully represented the lender in defeating the Chief Land Registrar’s appeal against a finding of liability to indemnify the lender for loss of a cancelled charge.
  • Lincolnshire CC v Iftakhar Ahmed  (Lincoln Crown Court, 2014): successful prosecution of a large scale retailing operation selling counterfeit training shoes and clothes from market stalls; defendant was imprisoned for 30 months and made the subject of a £680,000. confiscation order.
  • R v Blake (2013): defence of a financial adviser alleged to have made fraudulent representations to the Financial Ombudsman Service about advice given to one of his clients.