Modern Financial Regulation published by Jordan in March 2013

Jonathan Kirk QC and James Ross of Gough Square Chambers are the general editors of a new textbook Modern Financial Regulation which was published by Jordan in 2013. Jonathan Goulding and Fred Philpott are contributing editors on the Financial Conduct Authority and the Financial Ombudsman Service respectively. Anna Medvinskaia is also a contributing author.

Modern Financial Regulation is a practical guide to the regulation of financial services following the changes introduced by the Financial Services Act 2012. This new legislation will bring about major structural and regulatory changes to financial services, including:

  • replacement of the Financial Services Authority with the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority;
  • introduction of a more robust regime of regulatory, civil injunctive and criminal enforcement;
  • a new consumer focussed investigative and prosecution authority that will regulate consumer markets;
  • a focus on ‘principles based’ enforcement which mirrors the approach taken in European consumer law.

The Financial Services Act 2012 amends and consolidates various statutory provisions. Modern Financial Regulation charts these changes in their effect upon other discrete areas of financial regulation, including:

  • consumer credit and hire
  • money laundering
  • payment services
  • electronic money and market abuse
  • insider trading and cartels

Modern Financial Regulation is essential reading for anyone who requires an understanding of the legal framework that will underpin the financial services sector.