International business is increasingly undertaken within flexible, multi-organisational e-Businesses to address the needs of the global market. Underpinning this are Business-to-Business (B2Bs) processes and Web Services. The purpose of this paper is to outline some new ideas to speed-up the Negotiation and Dispute Resolutions business processes. In particular it addresses the need for systems to support the legal process when a negotiation has broken down by proposing service architecture combines negotiation and associative legal services.

The paper provides a summary of B2B process management for virtual organisations using Web Services and the Grid. Further it provides the relevant details on knowledge management, shared ontologies for legal systems and e-Negotiation systems. This provides the background to the design of a B2B BPEL architecture to speed-up the legal processes involved in resolving disputes using IT-enabled dispute resolution. The paper describes an e-NegLegal network and a conceptual design of an e-Legal Services module.

Download the full article as a PDF – e-Legal Services.