An alternative health practitioner who purported to be able to diagnose and treat disease using a method he called “live blood analysis” has been convicted of two counts of engaging in a banned commercial practice under the CPUT Regulations and one count of selling food not of the nature, quality, or substance demanded, following a two-week trial at Blackfriars Crown Court. The prosecution was brought by Camden Trading Standards, following a referral from the ASA. Michael Coley was instructed on behalf of the prosecution.

The defendant, Errol Denton, claimed to be able to diagnose and treat diseases, including cancer, using “live blood analysis” and “food as medicine”. He conducted a consultation with an undercover test purchase officer, at the conclusion of which he supplied her with a bottle of colloidal silver, claiming that drinking it would clean her blood. Expert evidence from Prof. Alan Hoffbrand, a consultant haematologist demonstrated the scientific invalidity of his claims.

Following conviction, Mr. Denton was fined £2,250 and ordered to pay £15,000 in costs. He was also handed a criminal behaviour order restraining him from making further misleading medical claims until further order of the court.