FCA publishes Policy Statement on treatment of pre-Oct ’04 1st charge mortgages

24 March

The FCA has published a Policy Statement (PS16/7) on the future regulatory treatment of pre-31st October 2004 CCA regulated 1st charge mortgages. In summary, such mortgages will become regulated mortgage contracts on 21st March 2017 (unless the firm ‘opts-in’ early) and MCOB will govern their administration from that date. There will be new safeguards for […]


Mortgage Credit Directive Regime comes into force today

21 March

Most second charge loans which would previously have been CCA regulated will now be ‘regulated mortgage contracts’ (existing regulated credit agreements will become consumer credit back book mortgage contracts). Amendments to legislation, including new sections of the MCOB chapter of the FCA Handbook, will also come into force today. For an overview of the changes, […]